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Access Rights

A big advantage of websites which are powered by a CMS like WBCE CMS is the option to define which visitors are allowed to see which sites and which users may edit which pages.

  • You can easily create areas of your website which require a login, so that the associated content is only accessible to visitors for which you created an account (or activated through a user registration).
  • You can also define which parts of your website should be editable by other users, or which users may use which modules. You can even decline creating new pages on the first level for certain users, and so on.

To achieve this, you have to create users and groups.

  • A user (or user account) consists of the personal data of the person (e.g., login name, password, email address) and their assignment to one or more groups.
  • Access rights are defined at the group level. By assigning a user to a group you define which access rights the assigned user has. By default, there is only one group (the non-deletable Administrator group with full frontend and backend access rights), but you can create as many groups as you want.

Although you are only limited by your imagination when creating users and groups, to be honest:  WBCE CMS is definitively not meant for creating and managing large communities with hundreds or thousands of members.