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What is Content

The question might sound strange at first, but let's take a short look at the term "content". (If you like, you could move on to the next page, there's enough to read, already.)

We declare "content" as all the stuff presented to a visitor of a website, except that which comes from the template. There are different kinds of content:

  • Most often the content consists of text, with or without formatting, images, links and so on. In WBCE CMS, text input is usually done in a WYSIWYG editor which looks like a common word processing applications. WYSIWYG stands for "What You See Is What You Get", e.g., the user sees the text they enter in the backend more or less exactly how it will look in the frontend. The corresponding WBCE CMS module is named WYSIWYG.
  • Another common content type are forms which can be used for several purposes: general contact forms, feedback forms, polls, order forms... WBCE CMS is shipped with the module miniForm which offers a very simple way to build forms, but there are some other form modules (e.g., miniform, mpForm).
  • If you want to present images, you need a gallery module. Depending on the purpose of the website and the amount of pictures to show, you can choose one of the several gallery modules for WBCE CMS. For instance, if you just want to show a small bunch of pictures, the miniGallery module is your friend.  If you have lots of images in complex folder structures, the FolderGallery (FG) should be your choice.

There are a lot more content types, and WBCE CMS is quite flexible in presenting these kinds of information. It's important to choose the right module for the desired presentation - otherwise the site will look ugly or you will create more work than necessary. Also be aware of the information structure. You should not just start typing and building without a plan, but have a general idea about which kind of content should be presented where and what your visitors' expectations might be.