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Navigation/Page Menues

The navigation is usually created automatically (depending on the template), that means, if you create a new page or edit the values of an existing page (menu title, parent page and so on), the changes will be applied to the navigation without any other editing needs.

There are different ways to modify the navigation, e.g. which page is listed where and to whom and so on:

  • Menu Title: The title which is used in the navigation can differ from the page title (and the filename). The menu title can be changed at page settings.
  • Order: The order in which pages appear in the navigation is set in the page tree. Re-ordering the pages on a given level will have immediately impact onto the menu order in the frontend.
  • Structure: You can assign pages to parent pages at the page setting "Parent", that means, make a page to the child page of an existing page or assign it to another parent page. (This cannot be done by drag&drop in the page tree.)
  • Which menu: Depending on whether the template provides more than a single navigation, you can choose the menu assignment of a page at page settings. This has also impact to the child pages of the given page.
  • Permissions: Setting the visibility to private or registered will limit the access to the given page to the selected user groups.
  • Hiding: If you do not want a page to appear in the menu, set its visibility to hidden.
    • Please keep in mind that the page still appears in the results of the internal search if this is not set to "disabled" for the page.
    • If a page has no active content or is deleted, it won't appear in the navigation neither.
  • Language: If "Page Language" is enabled, users and vistors of your site will only see links to pages which are corresponding to their language preferences.