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Content Editing

After clicking on "Add" in the new page form or on the menu link as well as the edit icon of existing pages in the page tree you will switch to the editing view of the page. Depending on which content type is choosen for the section(s) of the page, the view will differ, that means, you might see an editor field, configuration / action buttons and so on.

Generally spoken a page can contain as much sections as you want and nearly any combination of content types.

Please note! Each section usually has its own "Save" button. That means, DO NOT edit more than one section at a time, because you are NOT able to save the changes in all sections in one go. Any change you applied to another section of a page will be discarded when clicking on the "Save" button of one of the other sections!

WBCE CMS is shipped by default with a bunch of modules to create often needed content types. They will be explained on the following pages.