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WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") is the most common content type, which can contain continous text, tables, links, images and so on. You can create text in bold or italic letters, add headlines, numbered or bullet lists etc. If you have worked with any office tool like Word, Open Office Writer etc. before, you will become familiar with WYSIWYG areas soon.

The default WYSIWYG editor of WBCE CMS is CKEditor. Many useful editor plugins are already shipped with the standard edition, even more are available in the developer edition of the CKEditor module (download it at WBCE CMS AOR).

For browsing media files, the FCKFinder is included, which offers since the CKEditor module version 4.6 the possibility to create folders and upload media files.

Avoid losses!

  • If a page contains more than one section, each section has its own "Save" button. So make sure you always click on the corresponding "Save" button and do NOT change more than one section at once!
  • Older versions of WBCE CMS (before 1.3) had a timeout problem. That means it might happen that the session is lost while you were working on a longer text. When clicking on "Save", the contents are not saved in that case, but irreversible lost, what is really annoying. We still have no solution for this (what is a shame), the only workaround is to mark all written contents with CTRL-A, and copy them to the clipboard with CTRL-C before clicking on "Save". This way, you have the information at least in the clipboard and can, after logging in again, paste it with CTRL-V into the edit field of the page you were working on.
    So this is just one more reason to update to 1.3 if not already done ;-)