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"Media" is where all pictures, downloadable documents and other files which are integrated into the content of a page in any way, are stored. This can be done manually by using the browse/upload functionality on this page or automatically by some modules which create their own special directories.

Note: You should not edit the content of directories which are created by modules, as this can cause errors such as missing links or broken images.

This is what the media page looks like:

These are the elements on this page:

Upload file(s) / Target folder

Above the fields for selecting the files to upload you can set the target directory in which the uploaded files will be stored. The contents of the selected folder are displayed in the "browse media" field.

The checkbox "Upload and unpack a zip archive" is an easy way to upload large numbers of files at once. If you activate this checkbox, use only the first browse field and select a local stored zip file you wish to transfer and unzip. You can choose if the zip file should be stored on the server or should be deleted after it is unzipped.

Please notice that this will not work if the file size of the zip file is larger than the maximum allowed file size (a PHP setting, e.g., around 8 to 20 MB) and/or if the upload takes more time than allowed for script accessing (also a PHP setting, usually 60 seconds or less). Also, your server needs the pclunzip extension (which is installed on most, but not all servers).

The ten "browse files" fields can be used to upload up to ten files at once.

Beneath there is a small but important checkbox named "Overwrite existing files". If checked, files on the server with the same names as the uploaded file(s) are overwritten. This is not checked by default (if there are existing files with the same name the uploaded files are simply not stored in the media directory), but can sometimes be useful.

Finally click on "Upload files" to start the transfer. After a short moment a success message such as "1 file was successfully uploaded" should be displayed. If the transfer fails and the message "No files were received" appears, the cause could be:

  • There was a file with the same name as the file to be uploaded in the target directory and the checkbox "overwrite existing files" was not checked.
  • You have tried to upload a file with a forbidden extension. For security reasons it is not possible to upload potentially malicious files like .php, .js, .exe and so on (this can, but should not be changed at the general settings).
  • You just clicked on "Upload files" without selecting a file to upload.
Create folder

Creates a new folder in the selected target folder. Nothing more, nothing less.

Browse media

Here you see the content of the current folder. By default this is the /media folder (which will display again after each operation).

To access a subdirectory, single click on it (no double clicks!).

There is some information about each file given (file size, creation date, picture size). If the uploaded file is a picture, move the mouse pointer above the small preview image to see a bit larger thumbnail of the image as a tooltip.

To rename files or directories, click on the corresponding edit button, and enter the new filename and extension.

Please note! WBCE CMS unfortunately has no link management. If you rename a file, all links to the file that you (or a module) created, will stop working. You would have to correct all links and image references manually!

You can delete files or directories by clicking on the delete button. Please be aware that this action can not be reverted! There is no trashcan - if a file (or a directory!) is deleted, it is GONE!

Please note that if you delete a file, you will have to manually remove all possible references to it on the pages.


Browse media - Modify settings

Here you will find some potentially useful settings you can modify:

  • Hide thumbnails: disable the preview and thumbnail image of pictures. Please note that simply clicking on its filename still opens the picture in a new browser tab. 
  • Settings for administrator only: selects whether other WBCE CMS users which are not in the administrator group should be able to change these settings.
  • /media (etc.), Width/Height: You can set a maximum image size for each existing directory. Larger images are automatically resized to the given dimensions after being uploaded,

To apply the changes, click on the "Save button" at the bottom of the dialogue.

Can I still use FTP?

You can also upload media via FTP, and in some cases you will have to do so (e.g., if you want to upload huge files or large numbers of single files). Just create an FTP connection to the /media folder of the WBCE CMS installation and do what you like (create folders, upload files etc...). Keep in mind that all changes on existing files or directories have to be applied to the links on affected pages manually.

If you have uploaded files or made changes to the existing ones, click on "Reload" at the top right of the browse media area to update the view.

There might be some problems if FTP and PHP have different access rights. According to the server configuration, it might happen that PHP can't write into directories created by FTP or modify files which were uploaded by FTP - and vice-versa. In this case you should generally use only one way to transfer files (FTP or WBCE CMS media management), or figure out how to change the server configuration so that this problem does not occur any more.