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By default, every user sees the website in the language and the timezone which is given at general settings. Preferences allows every user to change these settings to their individual needs. The changes are applied only for the given user and only when the user is logged in.

If frontend login is activated, these settings can also be changed in a frontend form.


The username which is used to login to WBCE CMS (frontend/backend). Can not be changed.

Display Name

This name is used as the salutation for the user and will be displayed by some modules and droplets in the frontend too; so it should not match the login name. Can consist of upper and lower case letters, spaces and special characters.

Each display name has to be unique, e.g. it is not possible to assign the same name to more than one user account.


Defines in which language the backend is presented to the user.

If "page language" is activated under default settings, the language settings made here determine which pages appear in the frontend navigation menu of a logged-in user. That means, a user who has set their preferred language to "English" sees only pages where the language is set to this value.


This setting is applied to the displayed "Last update" values and to time based publishing of sections or topics items. To be honest: Due to many factors (e.g., user time zone vs. server time zone), it is best not rely on this.

Date Format / Time Format

Every user can define their preferred date and time format, e.g. DD/MM/YYYY or YY/MM/DD, 24h / 12h and so on.


The mail address corresponding to the user account. This mail address is used for "Forgotten password" mails for example, so it should be a real, accessible address.

Has to be unique, that means it's not possible to create two or more user accounts with the same mail address.

Password/Re-Type Password

To assign a new password, enter the new password two times and confirm it with the old one. If these fields stay empty while other values are changed, the old password will not be changed.

The password has to consist of at least 6 characters, allowed are upper and lower case letters, numbers and _, -, !, #, *, +, @, $, & and :, but no other special characters.

Confirm with current password

All changes have to be confirmed with the current password.