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Additional configuration via config.php

The following features can be activated by making additional entries in config.php:

define ('SM2_CORRECT_MENU_LINKS', true);
If this switch is set, the actual destination URLs are displayed in the navigation and now in the sitemap generated with the sitemap module for entries of the menu link type, not the link to the respective access files.

define ('MENU_LINK_TRANSFORMER', true);
With the switch set, pages can be converted to menu links by deleting all sections and then adding a menu link section via the "Manage sections" view. Menu links can also be converted to normal pages (WYSIWYG etc.) by deleting the menu link section in the "Manage sections" view.

define ('NO_SESSION_COOKIE', true)
If this entry is made, a frontend session cookie is no longer set. Logging on to the backend and working with WBCE via the backend is possible as usual, but the following restrictions apply in the frontend:

  • Not compatible to multilingual websites (=> redirection error)
  • Front-end registration and front-end login not possible
  • Forms cannot use any of the built-in captcha mechanisms
  • ATTENTION! Only miniform forms will work, forms built with the form or mpform module ARE NOT PROCESSED, neither the entries are stored, nor the form data will be sent to you!
  • Service mode bypass not possible for administrators

Conversely, this also means: For sites on which these features are not required anyway, the setting of the cookie, which is not so popular with some users, can be prevented easily, so that – unless other cookies are set – possibly a cookie consent can be waived.

If this entry is made, the update notice when a new version of WBCE CMS is available will not be displayed on the backend start page (the "dashboard"). This entry is also necessary if on the server where WBCE CMS is installed the PHP extension cURL is not available.

[WBCE CMS >= 1.5.0] Use this entry to restore the "old" behavour of multilingual pages where 302 redirects and lang=XX parameters were used. The advantage of this setting is that the page is accessable without cookie too. The default mechanism does not create redirects, but works only if the client can set cookies.

[WBCE CMS >= 1.5.0] This entry is required to use the built-in template switcher, e.g. by adding the parameter ?template=templatename to the website/page URL in the frontend, the template will be switched to the given template during the current session on that client. By default the template switcher is not activated.

define ('USE_MYSQL_STRICT', false);
If this entry is made, the core-side workaround to circumvent MySQL strict restrictions is re-activated. This switch is only a fallback if there are any issues with MySQL-Strict and should only be used if no other solution is available.**

define ('USE_DOCTRINE', true);
If this entry is made, communication between WBCE and the database takes place via Doctrine as an abstraction level. This switch is primarily intended to check whether the server-side requirements for this are met and whether the modules used can cope with it.**

** As you can easily see, these switches are aimed at developers and advanced administrators, normal users don't have to worry about it (and don't have to understand what it is all about.