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New Installation Setup

The setup of WBCE CMS is done in four steps:

Preparing the server

a) You should first check to make sure your server meets the system requirements.

b) During the installation you will need the username and password of the MySQL database, so you should make note of this data.

c) Determine into which directory on the server the (sub-) domain points or configure it according to your needs.

  • The default directory for files which should be accessible when pointing the browser to the connected domain is often named "htdocs", "www", "html" or something similar. There is no default standard, but it's best to assume that directories which are named "backup", "conf" or "logfiles" probably serve other purposes ;-)
  • At most webspace providers you can use your webspace for more than one domain, so it's possible to run different websites on one webspace. Example: If you are planning to run WBCE CMS under sub.yourdomain.tld later on, you will have to configure the sub-domain "sub" first and define the directory where the sub-domain points. Into this directory is where the WBCE CMS files must be copied.

Downloading the installer

We provide the latest stable release of WBCE CMS in the download area of wbce.org as a zip file. Download this file and unzip it to your local computer. The zip file includes a directory named "wbce" and a bunch of other documents:

Copying the files to your server

Copy the contents of the "wbce" directory, but (usually) not the "wbce" directory itself, into the target directory of your server. The following example shows (on the left side) the structure of an installation where the domain yourdomain.tld points to your new WBCE CMS installation. The other structure would lead to the situation, that the wbce site is located under yourdomain.com/wbce - this works too, but might not be the result you desire.



Ready, steady, go: open your FTP client and copy the files to your server. This will take some time.

Hint! The fastest way to transfer the WBCE CMS files onto your server is to zip the prepared contents of the wbce folder (not the folder itself), to name the zip file wbce.zip and copy this single zip file to your server - this is about 99% faster than copying the thousands of single files one by one. To unzip the file on your server, simply download the wbceunzip.txt here, rename it to wbceunzip.php and copy it into the directory where you put wbce.zip. Now point your browser to yourdomain.tld/wbceunzip.php, wait for the success message and delete the wbce.zip and wbceunzip.php by FTP. When this is done, continue with the installation process.

Running the install script

When all files are in the right place on your server, close your FTP client and point your browser  to the URL where WBCE CMS should be installed. If you followed the described steps, you will see the WBCE CMS installation wizard which will be explained on the following page.

If the installer does not show up, check the following options:

  • You still see the default "under construction" or "coming soon" page of your webspace provider: reload the site and/or clean the browser cache. If this does not help: open your FTP client and check if an index.html is located in the same directory as the index.php of WBCE CMS. Solution: Rename or delete the index.html (NOT the index.php of course!).
  • You see the default page or a 404 file not found error page: You probably copied the wbce directory itself to your server, forgot the last step of the zip trick or the domain does not point to the folder where the WBCE CMS files were copied. Solution: Open your FTP client and move the files to the desired directory or call the wbceunzip.php.
  • You see a mess of letters, brackets, question marks and so on: Well, that's really a pity, because in this case PHP is not available on your webserver. If there is no way to activate PHP, you webspace does not fulfill the system requirements and you can stop reading here... bad luck.