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Updating WBCE CMS

Please be aware that any individual customization to the core and the modules which are updated will be overwritten.

To update WBCE CMS driven sites, follow these steps:

  1. Check if your server meets the system requirements. If not, make sure that they are fulfilled before proceeding.
  2. Create a backup of all files and the database  which belong to the WBCE CMS installation you want to update. YOU SHOULD REALLY DO THIS. The most simple way is usually using the backup admin tool.
  3. Download the latest WBCE CMS installer from our website and unzip it to your local computer.
  4. Delete the config.php.new and (if you already use your own) the favicon.ico, and if you have applied individual changes to the templates bundled in the installation package,remove them too.
  5. If you have renamed the /admin directory, you have to rename it in the file structure you are going to copy onto the server accordingly.
  6. Create a zip archive from the contents of the local /wbce directory (but not the directory itself) an name it wbceup.zip.
  7. Download the wup.zip from the add-on repository, unzip it local and copy the wbceup.zip and the wup.php via FTP into the root directory of the WBCE website you want to update.
  8. Point your browser to yourdomain.tld/wup.php. Usually the wbceup.zip will be unzipped and all existing files on the server will be overwritten. After that, a link to the update script will appear.
  9. Click on it to load  /install/update.php. Read the information which is displayed there. Confirm you have created backups and that you understand you take this action at your own risk. Then click on "Start update script".
  10. If there were no errors a success message will be displayed after a short time, and you should now check if everything works well in the backend and frontend of the updated site.
  11. If unneeded modules or templates were installed as part of the update, they can be uninstalled by logging in to the backend and going to Add-ons > Modules, and Add-ons > Templates.

This might sound complicated, but actually a WBCE update usually takes just a few minutes. By zipping the installation files and copying only one zip file and the unzip script onto the server, you avoid the time absorbing and error-prone process of uploading the thousands of files of the WBCE installation seperately.

If the update fails, check the error messages; sometimes it helps just to call the upgrade script again. If this does not help, check if there are already solutions provided at the WBCE CMS forum or ask for assistance.

In worst case, use the backup of your files and database tables to perform a rollback.

By the way, the described WBCE update process can also be used to migrate websites which are currently operating on older versions of the CMS "WebsiteBaker" (2.7 up to 2.8.3 SP7). A migration from WB 2.10 or other WB forks is not possible.

Please read also the upgrade notes in the WBCE CMS forum.