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System Requirements

The system requirements for using WBCE CMS are very lean and are fulfilled by most web hosting services.

For installing and working with WBCE CMS, you need:

  • a web server like Apache (WBCE CMS might not work properly with Microsoft's IIS)
  • about 25 MB webspace for the WBCE files (of course you need much more space if you upload photos or offer downloadable multimedia files )
  • PHP 7.4 - PHP 8.1 (for WBCE CMS 1.5.3).
    • PHP Session Support has to be activated
    • PHP Safe Mode must not be activated
    • usual extensions like cURL, imageMagick, gdlib, Mail etc.
  • a database (MySQL / MariaDB) which is readable and writeable by PHP
  • If SSL is available, you can/should use it. WBCE CMS works well with https connections too. (See forum post for details)

Usually the installation of WBCE CMS is trouble free and done in a couple of minutes. Nevertheless, problems might occur under some special circumstances, e.g.:

  • Wrong default charset: Some webspace providers define ISO-8859-1 (or other language specific charset) as default. This causes trouble with special characters (like umlauts) which may be partially displayed or discarded completely. Therefor you should disable the default charset setting or switch it to UTF-8.
  • Different users for FTP and PHP: On some web servers, files and folders which were transferred or created by FTP are not writeable by PHP and vice-versa. WBCE CMS probably won't work properly then, because it is not able to create or change files on the server. In this case, you have to change the "owner" of the files from FTP to the system user "wwwrun" (or accordingly) - your webspace provider should provide a tool for that - or change the configuration of the webspace to make sure that the "FTP user" and the "PHP user" belong to the same group. Please ask your webspace provider for support.

If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to join the WBCE CMS forum to look for solutions or post your questions.