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In the languages section, you can install or remove languages for the WBCE CMS backend.

Please notice that each module can have its own language files, so modules rely on the languages which are used on a page and the languages which are included with the module so that the backend (and frontend output of the module) appears in the language which you have chosen. Most modules are only available in English, German and sometimes Dutch.

To create a new or rework an existing core language file, download the corresponding language file and edit it with a plain text editor (that means, no .mo / .po hazzle like in other CMS). Then rename it to .txt and upload it.

To re-install a language, you have to copy it from the WBCE CMS installation package (folder /languages), rename change its file name suffix from php to txt and upload it by selecting it here.

Since the single language files are very small, there is no real reason to remove them, except you want to get rid of the long list of languages in the languages selection of each page. Of course, you can only remove languages, which are neither set as default language nor used by any page.

The language details section on this page offers some information about the creator and version of the language files.

Attention! Security Advice! Please make sure that only trustworthy users have access to this area. Bad minded users could abuse the upload of languages to load malicious scripts onto the server!