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Default Admin Tools


A list of all installed modules, templates and languages. You can see which module is used where. The section list is linked to the corresponding page. Furthermore the information about the version and the authors which is given in the info.php of each module/template is displayed.


You can choose here if/how the captcha should be generated and if honeypot fields should be generated if possible.


Library and editor for small chunks of PHP which can be called from any backend field or from the template. See module help for more information.

Output Filter Settings

Since WBCE CMS 1.3, you can here configure a lot of output filter settings. Generally spoken, advanced users have fantastic new possibilities for customizing the output which is generated by WBCE CMS. Fo example, it's possible to use brand new placeholders to move certain code parts to the head or the body without changing the template and many things more.

Beside of this, you can define here also if email addresses should be protected by replacing @ with (at) and . with (dot), which might have been helpful to stop spambots in 1998, and change the behaviour of the way URLs are generated (absolute or relative; some modules, e.g. ProCalendar, have issues with relative URLs and vice versa).

Javascript Admin

You can switch off the ability to reorder pages and sections by drag&drop and deactivate remembering the opened branches in the page tree. This might be useful on very large sites if you encounter performance issues.

Page Cloner

Tool to copy single pages or whole branches of your website. Depending on the content types which are used on the cloned pages their contents will be cloned or just a new section with the given module will be created.

More Security Settings

You can set some values here how a backend section is secured. Please note that too harsh values could make working in the backend totally impossible, so be careful what you do.

Since WBCE CMS 1.3, the value for the session duration is mostly reliable. The remaining time until automatically logout is displayed in the left navigation bar.

SEO Tool

Useful tool to edit SEO relevant settings of all pages in a single go.

User search

Tool which makes it more easy to find a certain user. Must not be uninstalled.

Visitor statistics

Provides statistics about how many visitors came to your site and which pages where viewed. See module help for more information.

Maintainance Mode Switcher

If you're working on your site, you can set the whole site in a "under construction" mode. See the info text of the module (WBCE CMS 1.2) for more information.