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The permissions to access or edit pages of your site are defined at group level, that means, here you can set very detailled access rights, and afterwards you assign the user accounts to the different groups.

The group edit view can be switched between default and advanced view. Please notice that all not-saved changes get lost when switching from default to advanced and vice-versa.


Modify/Delete Group

Here you can select the group you want to edit:

  • Select the group name and click on "Modify": the current settings of the group are loaded and can be changed now
  • Select the group name and click on "Delete": The group will be removed - this is only possible if there are no user accounts assigned to the group. The amount of assigned accounts is displayed in brackets behind the group name.

Enter a meaningful name for the group. This group name will appear at the page settings as a selectable option for frontend access and backend edit of the page.

System Permissions (default view)

Here you define which parts of the website are accessable by the members of the group. Depending on the granted permissions, f.ex. "Admin Tools" are (not) displayed to the members of a group.

  • If a certain group should have writing permissions to certain pages, this has to be granted explicitly on each page by checking the group in the list of the page "Administrators".
    • The MultiPageSettings tool might be a good help if more than only a few pages should be assigned to a certain group.
  • If a group should have reading access to private/registered pages, the group needs access to "pages" nevertheless (e.g. "pages" have to be checked).
    • At page level, the group has to be checked at "Allowed viewers" of the page.
    • That does not mean that the group members could apply any changes to the sites unless the group is selected at "Administrators" for the given page too.
  • If a group has no permission for "media", their members can neither browse the media directory, nor upload media, nor link to images or documents which are stored in the media directory.
  • Regarding access rights for settings, modules, templates, languages, users and groups: Be careful! You should grant permission only to groups the members of which are realy trustworthy. Otherwise, malicious users could damage your site irreversible!
System Permissions (advanced)

In the advanced view of the system permissions you can define the access rights very detailled. That means, you can create a group which may edit, but not create pages, has only reading access to the media directory and so on.

"Level 0" at pages means: if you grant this right, users of this group can create pages on the top level of your site; otherwise, they can only create childpages of existing pages.

Module Permissions

For groups with the permission to create new pages you can define which modules may be used by the members of this group. This has no impact on whether group members can see existing sections of these modules or not.

Template Permissions

You can define which templates may be used by a group which has permissions to create new pages.

This has no impact on whether group members can see pages with certain templates or not.