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This is the part of the backend where you can create, modify and delete user accounts.

Modify/Delete User active

In this list you can select the user account you wish to modify.

If you click on the icon top left, you can switch between active and deleted (disabled) user accounts.

Button Delete: You have to delete a disabled user account to quash it, deleting an active user account just sets it disabled.

Button Modify: Select the user account you'd like to edit and click on "Modify".


A unique login, without blanks and special characters.

Password / Re-type password

The password which has to be entered in combination with the loginname to access the backend (or private/registered pages).

The password has to consist of at least 6 characters and may contain small and capital letters, numbers and a few special characters, but no blanks, umlauts or other strange characters.

Please enter a save password. "test123", repeating the user login name as password or simply "password" are NO secure passwords.

When editing an existing account and you leave the password fields empty, the existing password stays valid.

This value can be changed by the user at "Preferences".

Display Name

The name which is displayed as salutation in the backend and which appears under certain circumstances also in the frontend.

This value can be changed by the user at "Preferences".


The mail address which belongs to the user account and which is used for "forgot password" mails and so on.

Each mail address can be used only once, e.g. it is not possible to create two accounts with the same mail address.

This value can be changed by the user at "Preferences".

Personal folder

If you created a sub directory of the media folder before and enabled  "Personal Folders" at "Settings", the user can only upload files in the given directory and his backend media access is restricted to this directory. This setting has no impact on the frontend.


The access and editing permissions of a user are granted by the group(s) to which a user account is assigned. So a user has to be assigned to at least one group which you can select here.

  • That means, at first you create a group and define its access / editing permissions, then you create user accounts and assign them to the group(s).
  • To assign a user to more than one group, keep the CTRL key pressed while clicking on the values in the select box.
  • Take care! Any user which is assigned to the system group "Administrators" has unlimited access to all pages, can alter all settings, create/delete users and groups and use all admintools.

If you disable a user account, access to the backend or registered/private pages is not possible any longer for this account. The user account is not deleted, e.g. to quash it finally (what is necessary if you need to delete a group to which this user was assigned), you have to switch over to the list of inactive users and delete the account.