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Default Settings


The language which is used for newly created pages by default (and if the language setting is not adopted from the parent page), and which is used in the backend by default.

The users can set their preferred language in their account settings.


You can select the character set which should be used to save plain text inputs. (Inputs which are made to wysiwyg areas usually are not affected since any special characters there are "masked" with their HTML entity, e.g & => & and so on).

ATTENTION! You must not alter this setting unless you really know what you are doing and have really good reasons, because:

  • You have to be sure that the character set you select here is the same one which is the default setting on the server. If you change the setting here and this does not fit to the character set of the server you will run into huge problems.
  • Setting the wrong charset will end in missing or wrong characters in page and menu titles, will make longer texts unreachable from the backend or, worst case, will cause loss of whole texts.

The timezone of the webserver where WBCE CMS is set up. This setting has an impact on "last update" information and time-based publishing of contents.

Registered users can set individual timezones for themselves.

Date Format / Time Format

These settings are applied to the time / date display in the frontend and the backend.

Registered users can set individual values for themselves, which are used instead in that case.


The default frontend template which is used for any new page and which is set to any existing page where no other template setting has been made.

New templates have to be installed via Add-Ons > Templates to be available here. And, vice-versa, you can't uninstall a template while it is set as the default frontend template.


The theme which is used for the backend display of WBCE CMS.

By default, you can select between "WBCE Flat Theme" (this is the theme used in all screenshots) and the backend theme "Argos Theme Reloaded", a lean, elegant and responsive backend theme.

More backend themes are available in the WBCE CMS AOR.

* displayed only in "advanced" view.