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Server Settings

Server Operating System*

Here you can (but usually should not) alter the value which was made during the installation process. Has impact on (not) displaying the following section.

Filesystem Permissions*

Will be only displayed if Server OS is set to "Linux/Unix based".

Usually you do not have to change these values unless you encounter problems, f.ex. you are unable to upload media files or the creation of access files fails. In this case, try to increase the writing/reading/execution rights in small steps.

On most servers, 0644 for files and 0755 for directories work well. Do not set to 0777 in public/productive environments, this could cause security issues.

Pages Directory*

The directory on the server where the access files for your pages are stored.

You should only change this value while no pages have been created to avoid any technical or SEO problems.

Leavin this field empty might cause some issues. If you need to get rid of the /pages directory in the URL, have a look at the  ShortURL module.


Media Directory*

The name of the directory where all media files of your website are stored.

You should change this value only if no media files have been uploaded yet, otherwise it might become necessary to correct a huge amount of links to images and documents manually. Please consider, that some modules expect no other directory name than "media" and might break if you change this value.

Page Extension*

The file name suffix which is applied to the access files.

  • Depending to the server's configuration, it might be possible to execute files with the suffix .html as .php files, but this won't run out of the box probably and you might have to set special configuration flags or edit the htaccess file.
  • Please do NOT leave the field empty, this won't work.

You should not change this setting when there are already existing pages.

Page Spacer*

Character which is used in the file name of the accessfiles to replace spaces. E.g. if you enter "About Us", WBCE CMS will create the file name "about-us.php".

Do not change this value when there are already existing pages.

No upload for this filetypes*

Forbidden file name suffixes, e.g. files with these suffixes can not be uploaded by the media management or any other module, and it's not possible to rename files to these values either.

You'd better not remove any of these suffixes, otherwise malicious users could easily install backdoors or spam sending scripts on your server!

Session Identifier*

The identifier which is written into the session cookie. You can enter any other value consisting of letters and numbers, but I don't know any reason why this should make sense.

Section-Anchor text*

The prefix of the section anchor which is automatically generated by WBCE CMS. That means, every section starts with <a name="wbce_42"></a>, where 42 is the ID of the given section. You can use this for direct linking to a certain section.

If you leave this field blank, no section anchors are generated.

* displayed only in "advanced" view.