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Mailer Settings

Default From Mail*

The mail which is used as the sender's address for mails which are generated by WBCE CMS (i.e. the password remider mails). Pleace notice that some webhosting providers require a real existing mailbox and email address connected to the URL of the website to allow the sending of script generated mails.

Default Sender Name*

The sender's name for automatically generated mails. You can enter here the name of your website or your name.

Mail Routine*

You can choose whether to use PHP sendmail or SMTP to send mails via WBCE CMS. It depends on the webhoster, which routine works better (or even works). If you choose SMTP, you must enter the mailbox credentials in the fields which are displayed in this case.

SMTP Mailer Settings*

You have to enter the mail server name and the login data of the mailbox (that means: NOT the user name and password of your WBCE CMS account), if you want to send mails via SMTP. Usually SMTP authentification is needed.

You get this information from your webspace or email provider.

if you need to define a certain port, you can provide it by entering it with double point after the server name, e.g. smtp.example.com:587

* displayed only in "advanced" view.